New Goodie Mob Album "Set in Stone," Cee-Lo Says

New Goodie Mob Album 'Set in Stone,' Cee-Lo Says
Cee-Lo Green is still tearing up the Web with his mind-blowing single, "Fuck You," but the hip-hop crooner is already looking to his next project. Once his upcoming solo album, The Lady Killer, is submitted to the label, he will set his sights to reuniting with former group Goodie Mob.

The group have been active since the early '90s, but Green initially left following 1999's World Party, releasing a pair of solo albums and later forming Gnarls Barkley, with Danger Mouse. Now, Cee-Lo has rejoined his bandmates to work on a new album, telling Gigwise, "The reunion is set in stone. I'm almost done with [The Lady Killer], turning it in formally, and we will resume shortly thereafter finishing the Goodie Mob album."

The band members have now resolved the issues that led Cee-Lo to leave the group in the first place. He said, "They were always my big brothers, so now we can look each other in the eye."

As for how his experience getting back together with them has been, he enthused, "Fateful. The meek shall inherit the Earth, as the scripture says. That's what it feels like; it feels like destiny."

This confirms reports that Cee-Lo would be working on a new album with Goodie Mob that stretch back over two years. In 2008, Dungeon Family ally Big Boi told Hip-Hop DX that Goodie Mob had a new album "coming out soon."

Cee-Lo previously told Rolling Stone that he would also be doing another record with Gnarls Barkley. "We'll definitely do one more," he said. "And that's so crazy, because we were only supposed to do one."