New God "I Know Something About You" (video)

New God"I Know Something About You" (video)
Shining a spotlight on the oft-ignored genre of "wizard pop," brotherly duo New God have unveiled a new video for "I Know Something About You," and has got you covered with the premiere.

Kenny and Curt Tompkins have been making psychedelic pop that straddles "the line between technology and humanity" for the past few years, and their latest clip explores that idea even further.

The single itself is taken from the brothers' sophomore LP Firework (out now via Yellow K Records), and the accompanying visuals star a couple whose heads have been replaced with primitive TV sets that flash between static signals, lyrics, human body parts and an assortment of surreal images.

Despite the bizarre boxes on their heads, the leading lady and gentleman offer up some musical help with a guitar and tambourine throughout. It's an odd but endearing watch, and you can check out the video premiere of New God's "I Know Something About You" below.