New 'Book Report Series' Ropes In Ex-Múm Vocalist Kria Brekkan, Offthesky, the Humble Bee, Depatterning

New 'Book Report Series' Ropes In Ex-Múm Vocalist Kria Brekkan, Offthesky, the Humble Bee, Depatterning
With it already being mid-October, no doubt many post-secondary types have their noses buried in their textbooks, bracing themselves for mid-terms, essays and exams. While it isn't being presented as a study aid, Irish-based imprint Wist Rec's new Book Report Series is hoping to give lit students a new perspective on some key novellas via some soundscapes inspired by the texts. At the very least, it will provide a soundtrack to your studies.

A press release explains that Wist Rec wants to combat the trend towards e-books by packaging paperbacks with the newly commissioned soundtracks. "The Book Report Series was conceived as way of involving the shifting state of literature with a community that would not only help to highlight the significance of a book's physical form but also allow one to glean new, immediate connections between differing art forms," the statement reads.

On top of the reward of feeling the weight of a tome, or watching the paper rustle between your fingers, which, let's face it, doesn't look the same when replicated digitally on a Kindle, the books house complimentary three-inch CDs featuring new tunes from a handful of artists.

The inaugural editions of the series come out November 1. First up is a reprinting of Stefan Zweig's story Chess with an auditory response from UK looper the Humble Bee called "The Royal Game." You can hear samples of the track below.

Up next is electro-acoustic artist Offthesky's "The Door In the Wall," which is packaged with the H.G Wells story of the same name. The last release pairs H.P. Lovecraft's "The Colour Out of Space" with Canadian-bred, Ireland-based hazy soundscaper Depatterning's "The Blasted Heath."

Upcoming entries will feature tracks from former Múm vocalist Kria Brekkan (aka Kristín Anna Valtýsdóttir), Danny Norbury, the Tape Loop Orchestra and Christina Carter.

  The Humble Bee - The Royal Game by Wist Rec