Neverever Unveil Slumberland EP 'Shake-a-Baby'

Neverever Unveil Slumberland EP 'Shake-a-Baby'
For Neverever's 2010 debut album, the Los Angeles-based indie pop outfit settled on the blissfully evocative title Angelic Swells. For the follow-up EP, they have chosen the decidedly less cheerful name Shake-a-Baby. Seriously, doctors tell you not to do that.

The release is due out January 17 via Slumberland Records. According to a press release, Shake-a-Baby is "cut from the same classicist pop cloth at their debut album" and finds the band "sharping their tunes, honing their hooks and brightening their palate."

The band themselves had this to say about the new disc: "The EP is loosely about the likes of child brides and sugar empire heirs either reluctantly growing up or simply choosing not to. Clinging to pre-teen and adolescent freedoms, Miss Teen Californian girlfriends, carefree trips, and dream-like loves, whether the changing world around them allows it or not. Some influences include the Raspberries, Dwight Twilley and Phil Seymour, ELO, Kim Fowley, Fleetwood Mac, Big Star, Alvin Stardust, Sandy Salisbury."

These influences reportedly come together in a "heady mix of classic power pop styles." You can hear what this sounds like in the form of the sock-hopping "Wedding Day," which is streaming at the bottom of this page and blends bubbly melodies with brittle guitar riffs.

Neverever - Wedding Day by Slumberland Records