Never Shout Never The Summer EP

If Never Shout Never's The Summer EP was a news story, it would be about a bunch of kids eating popsicles on the beach. Yeah, it's cute and sunny and it will make you happy briefly, but overall this EP is pure fluff. Never Shout Never is also known as 18-year-old guitarist Christofer Drew Ingle, who got unexpectedly famous after posting tracks on MySpace. Forrest Kline of Hellogoodbye recorded the EP that was then mixed by Jon Kaplan (The Startling Line, Good Charlotte), so with names like that there is no excuse for filler music. Granted, at 18 he's mostly writing about high school stuff, which is exactly why kids are eating this up and exactly why I hate it. Its saving grace comes in the form of "On The Brightside," which shows there is some talent hidden behind the cheesy songs about love and underage parties. This EP lacks energy and conviction and falls short of being musically inspiring. I hate to be the douche who says it isn't worth the hype, but there are a lot of 18-year-olds out there with something to say and offer and I'd take their music over this any day. I find it disconcerting that this is what passes as amazing these days. It might get Never Shout Never fame amongst the younger scene crowd, but I doubt it'll gain them much outside respect. (Loveway Records)