Nettwerk Records Co-Founder Mark Jowett Reveals 'Tubers' Project

Nettwerk Records Co-Founder Mark Jowett Reveals 'Tubers' Project
As a co-founder and A&R guy at Vancouver's Nettwerk Records since 1984, Mark Jowett has travelled the world and, it appears, spent a whole lot of time on various subway systems. These experiences have now spawned a multimedia release called Tubers, which includes a book, seven-inch single and nine-song digital album.

Released by Red Leaf Press on June 14 and distributed through Raincoast Books, Tubers is a collection of nine subway-themed short stories with artwork by Matthias Lechner. If you buy a book, you'll get the bonus seven-inch single, plus a download code for the album (released through Popoganda/Nettwerk). Each of the album's nine songs corresponds to a short story.

The songs include found sounds and conversations recorded on the subways in New York, London and Paris, with each city inspiring three separate stories. According to a press release, each of them concerns "an illicit or nefarious act."

The album comes with bonus remixes by Kate Simko and Pacha Massive. Scroll past the tracklist below to hear the song "Tweety Bird," and go here to download the Pacha Massive remix.

Jowett, who also plays guitar in Vancouver's Cinderpop, will release Tubers with a June 14 performance and reading at W2.


1. New York Halloween

2. Fire Framed

3. Reve de la Toilette Publique

4. Lucy's Good Deed

5. Tweety Bird

6. Angel Voice

7. The Synthesist

8. Helen's Revenge

9. Fire Framed