Nerf Herder How To Meet Girls

One of the most refreshing things about a band like Nerf Herder is their willingness to be mocked. They're geeks and nerds and they not only know it, they celebrate it and are turning it into a lucrative career in the process. And more power to them, I say. It's one thing to be nerds and know it, but exploiting it for mass commercial success takes smarts. Having established themselves two years ago with the minor hit "Van Halen," from their debut disc, the Santa Barbara-based quartet are back for round two and this time it's Courtney Love who's on the receiving end of their playful mocking. But like their debut, this disc is about more than the novelty hit. On song after song, front man/brain trust Parry Gripp makes clever self-deprecating references all set to some pretty darn catchy pop-punk. But with song titles like "Lamer than Lame," "Pantera Fans in Love" and "She's a Sleestack," what would you expect? Funny stuff. (Honest Don’s)