Nephlim Modulation Systems Woe To Thee O Land Whose King Is A Child

Bringing together Orko the Psychotic Alien, the underachieving conspiracy theorist rapper, and Big Jus, ex of ground-breaking indie-hop group Company Flow, as Nephlim Modulation Systems is an inspired move that could have gone either way but proves successful here. With criticisms of America, Bush Jr, and the War on Terror and Saddam, politics is definitely the name of the game for this collaborative effort. Orko’s self-produced solo track, "Brave New World,” is the album’s highlight, with his double-time raps over a catchy but crunchy beat. Big Jus also goes solo on two different versions of "Super Pretzel,” an ode to the President’s favourite snack food: Wes Diplo’s piano-heavy, smooth groovin’ version and Kane USA’s minimal, spacy version. Aside from the dark and cymbal-heavy "Fendii Shoe Bomber,” produced by Infinity Gauntlet, the rest of the album is produced by either both members of NMS, or just by Orko, and is mostly rugged underground hip-hop that’s not afraid to experiment. It may be a difficult album to digest and likely not agreeable to everyone, but Woe To Thee O Land Whose King Is A Child is necessary in these days of blind obedience to the propaganda machine. (Big Dada)