Neon Indian Writes and Scores 'Outer Osmo Ghost Mode' Short Film

Neon Indian Writes and Scores 'Outer Osmo Ghost Mode' Short Film
Last year, Neon Indian outdid himself with the stellar Era Extraña, and now chillwave alumnus Alan Palomo has made his return by writing and scoring a new short film called Outer Osmo Ghost Mode.

The flick, which will debut on November 21, was animated by Johnny Woods, who co-directed it along with Palomo, Pitchfork reports. It was commissioned by Los Angeles's Museum of Contemporary Art and is made possible in part by Gleam House and MOCAtv.

The plot looks to be technologically minded and philosophically complex. We'll defer to the official description of the film:

Outer Osmo Ghost Mode is a fictional narrative centred around the interactions of Elda and Dell Banner, two online avatars stuck in the home map of a proto-virtual internet exploration program, Osmo. You create an avatar based on your self, and much much in the vein of online virtual social media, create a ritual of activities that mirrors some idealized version of your life. Elda and Dell were created by an actual married couple of the same name who used the program for decades. Their behaviours and interests were conditioned by years of web browsing. Essentially, they have become the digital ghosts of the Banners.

Palomo, who has an interest in technology and even designed and released his own synthesizer, described his score like this:

The score for Outer Osmo Ghost Mode seems to run back into itself and has done it so much it's begun decomposing with each pass... All the sounds that seemed to have an optimistic, futuristic quality when Osmo was created, will have undergone eras of digital degradation and come off distorted, distant, and otherwise anachronistic.

Watch a brief 45-second trailer for the short film below. Meanwhile, Palomo is reportedly working on new Neon Indian music and has a remix project in the works.