Neon Indian "Fallout" (video)

Neon Indian "Fallout" (video)
There's a glowing, pulsing throb to Neon Indian's latest Era Extraña single, "Fallout," and only half of it is due to the cut's chillwave sound. The ultra-sexed-up cartoon clip drops double entendres at every opportunity, as a voluptuous vixen with a convertible gets ogled pretty hard by a collection of awkward gas station attendants.

Following a few jaw drops, the grease monkeys get a rise out of aerating her tires and gladly pump her ride full of gas, while a few fantasy sequences find the dream girl spreading her legs to reveal a rainbow. Some of the guys manage to keep their cool, while others just can't handle holding their sweaty wrenches any longer.

The goofy yet anxiety-ridden vid was directed by Lilfuchs, who has previously made clips for Flying Lotus and Death Cab for Cutie.

You can see it below, courtesy of Adult Swim.

As previously reported, Neon Indian has a North American tour on the horizon. It includes several Canadian dates and you can see the full schedule here.