Nekromantix Life Is a Grave and I Dig It

It’s been a busy few years for Nekromantix bassist/vocalist Kim Nekroman. Spending most of his time playing six strings instead of four with kitschy colleagues the HorrorPops, it seemed as if this power trio of psychobilly fury would be no more. However, teamed with fresh blood — guitarist Tröy Deströy and drummer Andy DeMize — the Nekromantix have returned, taking a subtler, less frenzied approach in the process. There’s a far more laidback atmosphere on this album, creating a listening experience that rides closer to the "billy” side of things rather than the "psycho” one. Were it not for titles such as "Horny In A Hearse,” "Rot In Hell” and "Panic At The Morgue,” one might wonder if the band has aged to the point of preferring lounge vibes more than their historically ripping attack. Strangely, it works wonders. While other bands are desperately struggling to prove their punkness, these guys just emote. Refusing to let laxness enshroud Life Is A Grave, the band do step up on tunes, including the title track, that are still bouncy and upbeat. And naturally, every song is replete with croon-a-longs, proving that one can dig this grave until the dirt comes back on top. (Hellcat)