Neko Case Fort York, Toronto ON, July 7

Neko Case Fort York, Toronto ON, July 7
Photo: Atsuko Kobasigawa
Closing out the West Stage for the weekend, Neko Case came out to a sizable crowd that had endured a day of both brutal heat and pounding rain. Spirits were lifted as Case kicked off her set with a flawless rendition of "People Got a Lot of Nerve," then pulled out the gorgeous Fox Confessor Brings the Flood's "That Teenage Feeling." Other older songs like "The Train From Kansas City" and "Favorite" made appearances in the set, though there was an emphasis on getting out some new material to the fans. Following the recent announcement of her upcoming record The Worse Things Get, the Harder I Fight, the Harder I Fight, the More I Love You, Case was happy to share a handful of new tracks, including lead single "Man." While there may have been a couple of awkward moments of dead air between songs, they were more than made up for each time Case launched into a new number.

It's probably worth mentioning that about two-and-a-half songs in, the skies opened up and delivered another round of torrential rain upon the crowd, turning most people's view of the stage into a sea of multi-coloured umbrellas (if you could even keep your eyes open), combined with the initial panic of dry people freaking out at a louder volume than Ms. Case. Despite acknowledging it as a "dick move," Case and her singing companion Kelly Hogan sympathized from the covered stage and as the rain kept beating down, she warned the crowd that they were going to make her cry. And to be fair, the huge crowd of fans sticking it out and looking on in awe was a pretty beautiful sight.

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