Neither/Nor Imperial Noise

Toronto, ON-based experimental music collective Neither/Nor have been active since 2001 but Imperial Noise is the first release to bear the group's moniker. These particular recordings were performed by founders John Mark Sherlock (Wurlizter) and Eldritch Priest (guitar), along with Marc Couroux (Rhodes), Eve Egoyan (clavinet) and Heather Roche (clarinet). Composed of three lengthy pieces, each written by one of the performers, Imperial Noise captures a fragile beauty. "One More Day In The Empire" is an intricate web of melodies that when looked back upon, reveals composer Sherlock's grand plan. Priest's "Nonstudy" places his guitar out front without overshadowing the other performers. Couroux's composition is a rumination on Jimmy Webb's hit "MacArthur Park" (thanks to Donna Summer). Obviously, Couroux's version doesn't mention the infamous cake that was left out in the rain, and it certainly isn't disco! (Newfangled Album)