Neil Young Taps Daniel Lanois to Produce New Album

Neil Young Taps Daniel Lanois to Produce New Album
It's not like Neil Young needs any kind of career resurgence, but if he did have his eye on one, he just made the right move: superstar producer (and Canadian guitarist/singer-songwriter) Daniel Lanois is currently in the studio producing Young's latest album.

Of all people, it was Young's ex-band-mate David Crosby who broke the news in a recent interview with Rolling Stone, and it sounds as if the sessions are going to yield some great material from Young.

"Neil told me last week that he was having a great time talking music with [Lanois] and just relating to him," Crosby said.

It's an interesting move for Young to team up with Lanois, who has made a name for himself producing successful albums from the likes of U2 (The Joshua Tree, Achtung Baby) and Bob Dylan (Time out of Mind, No Mercy), as Young has rarely worked with big-name producers.

Crosby added that he suspects Young's "been a little lonely for someone to interact [with] that way" since his good friend L.A. Johnson, who produced several of Young's concert films, died in January.

"The guy's paid an awful lot of dues, man," Crosby said of Young. "I suspect this will be a very heartfelt record. I expect it will be a very special record."

Young, who will soon be the subject of a coffee-table book, will be playing a three-week solo acoustic stint of theatre gigs in the U.S. starting May 18. Head here for dates. No release date for the Lanois-produced album has been announced yet.

Young's last studio album was 2009's Fork in the Road.