Neil Young Releases Graphic Novel Adaptation of 2003's Greendale

Neil Young Releases Graphic Novel Adaptation of 2003's <i>Greendale</i>
You've got to give Neil Young credit for his dedication to the environment. The folk rock legend has already founded his own electric car company, Linc Volt Technology, and even wrote a concept album about eco-friendly cars, 2009's Fork in the Road. Now, Shakey is preparing to revisit his 2003 environmental rock opera, Greendale, with a new graphic novel adaptation of the album.

We first caught wind of this idea in 2007, when Young reportedly approached the publishing company Vertigo about turning the album into a comic. Since then, the singer has been busy with other projects (that car company, for example), and most of us assumed that the project had been abandoned.

Now, the graphic novel has been finished, and came out this week through Vertigo. According to the publisher's website, the 160-page comic was was adapted by writer Joshua Dysart and artist Cliff Chiang, who worked closely with Young. The result is "a political coming-of-age story infused with its own special magic."

If you'd like to take a look at a page from the book, you can see an excerpt over at Vertigo's blog, Graphic Content.

In related news, Voyageur Press recently released Neil Young - Long May You Run: The Illustrated History. It's time that all Neil Young fans took a trip to the nearest bookstore.