Neil Young Launches Environmentalism Website

Neil Young Launches Environmentalism Website
Neil Young has been particularly politically active as of late: he made a short film condemning Monsanto, demanded that Canadian politicians "Honour the Treaties" with a tour, endorsed environmentalist David Suzuki's Blue Dot campaign, and released an album attacking major corporations. Now, the Canadian icon is airing his views once again with the website

The website features the motto "It takes a village to keep the free world rockin'" and a statement [via Rolling Stone] describes its mission like this: has been created to serve those of us looking to support vibrant life on Earth. is a powerful resource for finding services and organizations dedicated to helping you live a healthy, vital and informed life, while participating in Earth's flourishing sustainability movement. is a reliable portal for information on common sense, innovative and creative solutions to many of the crisis we face. connects us with some of the most effective organizations, working to conserve the natural world and protect our freedoms.

The website includes sections on GMOs, sustainable farming practices, ecological preservation, renewable energy, justice, and other related topics. It includes lots of links to help people get informed, and acts as a valuable resource for anyone seeking details about the issues Young holds closest to his heart. Will this guy just run for prime minister already?

And given that this website is Young's doing, it's only fitting that there is some music content too: at the bottom of, there are links to Young's website, his album The Monsanto Years, and his hi-res digital service Pono.

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