Neil Young Details 'Storytone'

Neil Young Details 'Storytone'
Rumours suggested that Neil Young's orchestral album Storytone would be coming out on November 4, and sure enough, that date has now been confirmed, along with some more information about the impending LP. It will arrive on Reprise Records, with a vinyl version following on December 16.

Storytone will come with two discs, each containing the same 10 songs. One version was made with a 92-piece orchestra and choir, and the other version was recorded solo. That's the album cover above and the tracklist below.

As expected, it includes the recently unveiled environmental anthem "Who's Gonna Stand Up?" That song can be heard at the bottom of this page in both orchestral and acoustic renditions.

Michael Bearden and Chris Walden conducted, arranged and co-produced the orchestral versions. Although Young initially talked about recording it with a single microphone, this plan eventually changed. Rolling Stone notes that everything was recorded live, with Young singing in the same room as the orchestra.

It seems that some of the songs may have been inspired by Young's split from his wife Pegi. ''He went through some changes in his private life, which is always a fruitful time for new songs,'' Walden told Rolling Stone. ''So apparently a lot of these recent personal experiences went into these songs.'' Adds Bearden, ''It's a big ball of vulnerability, and that's what I love about it.''

In related news, Young's car-themed memoir Special Deluxe: A Memoir of Life and Cars will be out on October 14 on Blue Rider Press.


1. Plastic Flowers
2. Who's Gonna Stand Up?
3. I Want to Drive My Car
4. Glimmer
5. Say Hello to Chicago
6. Tumbleweed
7. Like You Used to Do
8. I'm Glad I Found You
9. When I Watch You Sleeping
10. All Those Dreams