Neek "Squaloon" (video)

Neek "Squaloon" (video)
Last we heard from Neek, the "middle of nowhere" Nova Scotia-based popsmith delivered a video for "Electrical Wires." Now, he's ready to release a brand new clip for "Squaloon," and Exclaim! has got your first glimpse at it.
The one-man wonder writes, records and edits his own work from his home studio, and the new clip sees him taking the same approach. The final product features sweeping black-and-white shots of rural fields and seaside scenery. Visual effects and splashes of colour footage work their way in before the end of the clip, which provides a fitting accompaniment to the minimalist yet theatrical pop tune.
"Squaloon came into my life at such a vulnerable time," said Neek in a statement. "I've always had a 'go big or go home' attitude, which has led to many successes but even more failures. During the peak of my depression, nothing was working out. It was as if the more seeds I planted, the more miserable I became, continuously feeling sad about the opportunities that never came to be. Truthfully, it still sort of feels like that but in creating this project, I was able to let go of all disappointment I was holding onto from the past."

"Like all my videos, I never plan anything," he continued. "There's something quite magical about letting things happen organically, allowing things to happen as they're supposed to. I never planned to release Squaloon but after much thought, I felt compelled to share it. It's been the antidote to my depression for years and I figured if it could help even one other person overcome their gloomy day, then it would be well worth it for me."
Fall under his spell by watching the video premiere of "Squaloon" in the player below.