Nedelle The Locksmith Cometh

Be warned: Nedelle’s The Locksmith Cometh isn’t for everyone. If you detest show tunes, clumsy arrangements and even clumsier guitar work this record’s going to be tough. But if you love all the above, as well as all things cute, you might want to investigate. If you’re unfamiliar with Nedelle, she’s released a string of eclectic records over the past few years, flirting with soul, jazz, bossa nova, rock and folk. But unlike the clean shine and lush arrangements of some of those previous recordings, The Locksmith Cometh is a dirtier, more stripped-down affair that focuses on Nedelle’s electric guitar plucking and lingering vibrato, which, to put it nicely, is an acquired taste. And while her latest LP does have a few moments, such as the girl pop-styled "Ghost Ships,” as a whole it’s a bit tiring. Sifting through song after song of matching melodies and lethargic guitar lines gets to be a bit much after awhile, demanding a special breed of listener: a tolerant one. And if you aren’t of this mould, Nedelle probably isn’t for you. (Tangram 7s)