Nectarine No.9 Received Transgressed & Transmitted

Edinburgh's the Nectarine No.9 are an odd bunch. After listening to Received Transgressed & Transmitted, their fourth album, and first for Beggars Banquet/Creeping Bent, it became easy to see why they are a favourite of world-renowned DJ John Peel. Led by Davey Henderson, formerly of punkers the Fire Engines, the Nectarine No. 9 create music that is so sporadic and free that it sounds like an experiment gone right. Pop, punk, dub, jazz, beat poetry: they obviously cannot stick to one sound. There's some Mothers of Invention, a little Beefheart and some Boo Radleys to even things out. There are some great lyrics and the overall composition is genuinely savvy and remarkably sweet. The Nectarine No.9 have made a good, solid fourth album and a good choice in signing with a label that should give them the attention they deserve. (Beggars Banquet)