Necrophagist Bring 'Epitaph' Back to Vinyl

Necrophagist Bring 'Epitaph' Back to Vinyl
Fans of Necrophagist have been holding out for a new album from the German tech-death outfit for over a decade. But if they can't have a new album, a vinyl reissue of the band's seminal 2004 LP Epitaph will surely suffice.

Relapse announced today (January 19) that the album would be pressed to wax once more for the first time since its original release. The LP will arrive in three different variants and will see release on March 17. The original vinyl edition also arrived in three different variants in 2004, with some copies commanding hundreds of dollars on sites such as Discogs.

We highlighted the album's incredible technical musicianship upon its release in 2004, calling it the best technical-death album since Monstrosity’'s In Dark Purity. It was reported that Necrophagist had started work on a follow-up to Epitaph in 2008, though many wondered if the band were still active through the next few years.

In 2013, drummer Romain Goulon said the band were still together and that plans to record a new record were in the works. Despite the group's apparent inactivity, guitarist Muhammed Suiçmez had this to say about the reissue:

"Epitaph is such an important album to me as it had a big impact on my life and it still does. I am really happy to see it released in vinyl format again after being out of print for so long and am especially excited about the vinyl colours of the limited editions, as they turned out beautifully."

The vinyl reissue of Epitaph is available to pre-order here. Watch a trailer for the release in the player below.