Neckers The Neckers

Folksy rock from the only Calgary label worth mentioning, the Neckers’ music is rhythmic drums, chewy guitars, harmonica, and keyboard back-ups that provide a Southern backbone for singer Bill Heatherington, who is verbally A.D.D. at best. Songs range from "I’m leaving today/I’ll be on my way” on "Don’t Believe You,” to "Don’t you run/don’t you hide/don’t you try to leave me now babe” on "I’m Your Man.” On the track "Rock and Roll Man” he tells this girl he likes that she’s special because he doesn’t have to beat her off with a stick. Exhausting bravado aside, there’s more than a few good songs on here, and the "Love Potion #9” riff on "Have Love Will Travel” is an interesting if intentional touch. (Sloth)