Nebula Charged

L.A. psych-rockers Nebula settle down on their second album, putting their more unhinged and progressive leanings to the side, opting for the steady riff-riding of Fu Manchu. In fact you'd be hard pressed to differentiate Charged from a Fu Manchu album, which isn't surprising considering that's where guitarist Eddie Glass and drummer Ruben Romano got their start. Where Nebula's first full-length, To The Center, ventured into heavily psychedelic guitar jams, Charged keeps it locked on Black Sabbath and blues-based stoner riffage. Standout tracks work on more creative arrangements while contrasting the electric wail with some sweet keyboards and acoustic guitar on "Travelin' Man's Blues, " "Goodbye Yesterday" and "This One." Charged sticks to the formula of high-energy stoner groove, making for a cohesive collection with more rock and less psych. (Sub Pop)