The National "Think You Can Wait"

The National 'Think You Can Wait'
Brooklyn, NY brooders the National have a new tune featured in Win Win, an upcoming flick starring Paul Giamatti, and here it is.

Dubbed "Think You Can Wait," the song finds the band in their comfort zone, meaning it's both gorgeous and dour as hell. Melancholy piano musings are underscored by a rumbling, percussive beat before the tune explodes into a swell of orchestra strings.

As for main moper Matt Berninger, he spends the song discussing the messed-up situations of life as we know it and how there isn't enough time in the day to fix our problems. "I'm out of my mind, think you can wait?" he questions heartbreakingly. We hope so, Matt, we really hope so.

Check out the tearjerker below, courtesy of Some Kind of Awesome. Also, give the Win Win trailer a peep while you're down there.