Nathaniel Mayer I Just Want To Be Held

God bless the folks at Fat Possum. Just when it seems that there aren’t any more true Mississippi bluesmen left to record, they discover this Detroit soul singer who similarly hasn’t made a significant recording in 30 years. Despite just entering his 60s, Mayer remains a full-throated belter in the tradition of Hank Ballard and O.V. Wright, asserting himself well with the gutbucket Fat Possum production aesthetic. Although the expected wear and tear on his voice is evident, Mayer’s passion is undiminished, especially on the amazing cover of John Lennon’s "I Found Out” (also available on the excellent and recent comp Not The Same Old Blues Crap 3). Fans of Andre Williams will also appreciate the blunt message of "Stick It or Lick It,” and the awesomely choogling "You Gotta Work” and "From Now On.” Yes, in general, I Just Want To Be Held sounds like a time capsule from 1965, but almost every so-called R&B singer today could take some tips from Mayer in how to work up a sweat. (Fat Possum)