Nathan Shubert "Folds" (video)

Nathan Shubert "Folds" (video)
Keys-driven Vancouver composer Nathan Shubert released his debut solo album Folds earlier this year, and now he's given the title piece from that record the video treatment.
"Folds" has been paired with visuals by fellow local artist Sam Tudor, matching the dream-inducing whimsy of the song with black-and-white imagery that plays with shape, texture and shades.
"This past winter I spent some time at home in the BC interior. There was a day when the snow was acting particularly weird, and every flake seemed to have a mind of it's own. I filmed it," Tudor tells Exclaim! "The effect of that snow on me was, I think, very similar to the effect Nathan's music has on me. It's deceptively simple and relaxing as a whole, but by digging deeper into each song you start noticing hundreds of moving parts. I suppose in this way Nathan's music mirrors the physical form of his actual instrument. In any case, I hoped that the video would look like Nathan's songs sound — relaxing and complex, simple and sacred."
Shubert seems more than pleased with the final version of the video, singing Tudor's praises for the new clip and his own musical efforts.
"I think my first thought was 'holy shit this kid's the next Mac DeMarco without the weirdness,'" Shubert says. "When he contacted me about the video, he said 'I hope this isn't weird but your music inspired me to make this.' Everything about how that happened made me really happy."
Without further ado, watch the clip for "Folds" in the player below.