Natalie Prass "Sound of Silence" (Simon & Garfunkel cover)

Natalie Prass 'Sound of Silence' (Simon & Garfunkel cover)
Virginia-based songstress Natalie Prass recently unveiled plans for a new EP called Side by Side, which hears the singer reworking a couple of her own original songs, as well as delivering some fresh takes on old classics. Now, Prass has shared her own rendition of oldie-but-goodie "Sound of Silence."
Prass bathes the Simon & Garfunkel tune in her signature sugary sweet vocals, and backs those up with a hit of funky, easy-listening groove. She spoke about the cover in a previously released statement, which reads:
I dig the S & G... not like most people do. I can put it on for like a few songs because the lyrics and soft singing are very soothing, but then I'll have to put on James Brown Live at the Apollo just to balance it out. Carmen McRae's psychedelic version of this song is brilliant. We did it her way. It's got that balance. This kind of style of music comes very naturally to us Richmond music folk. This was a one take Jake.
Elsewhere on the upcoming record, Prass also covers Anita Baker and Grimes, but you can hear her rework "Sound of Silence" in the player below right now.
Side by Side is out on November 20 via StarTime International.