Nasty On Lester Bangs EP

There are few better ways that a new group could ingratiate itself to the music press than to name its debut EP, and its title track, after the late Godfather of rock criticism. It could have proven irrevocably fatal; we wouldn't have taken too kindly to opportunistic objectification of our literary idol, particularly since Bangs' profile has rarely been so high in the aftermath of his celluloid immortalisation in Almost Famous. Luckily for Vancouver's Nasty On, they happen to be one of the best existing arguments for the continued validity of the sort of Stooges/MC5-derived proto-punk that Bangs so doted upon. The speed and economy of Back In The USA meets the bottom-heavy attack of High Time meets the acerbic vocal abandon of the Nuggets box set throughout these six Molotov cocktails. Purists of this sort of fuzz will think it too good to be true; those normally impartial will be moved to make an exception. Oh yes, this is - in the best possible sense - the shit. (Stutter)