Nashville Pussy Take Fans From Hell To Texas With New Album

Nashville Pussy Take Fans <i>From Hell To Texas</i> With New Album
Despite featuring different song titles and a flashy new cover, some bands are pretty much renowned for releasing the same album time and again. AC/DC's done it. Motörhead's done it. And since they're clearly inspired by both of those legendary acts, it's no surprise that Nashville Pussy have followed suit for over a decade. Then again, why fuck with perfection, right?

In other words, it's time for the Atlanta-based punk rock'n'roll quartet to unleash another bastion of high-octane tunes about kickin' ass and drinkin' moonshine. This fifth addition to the Pussy catalogue, dubbed From Hell To Texas, will hit stores March 3 on the band's new home: Steamhammer/SPV.

As if it holds some Labyrinth-esque magical power, the album, featuring such groundbreaking, thought-provoking titles as "I'm So High," "Drunk Driving Man" and "Pray for the Devil," is touted as being "recorded at Willie Nelson's Pedernales Studio in Texas on the same two-inch tape machine Willie himself has used to cut all of his legendary albums." Let's hope the machine doesn't hold the same financial impact for the Pussy as it did for Willie.

What's actually more surprising is that From Hell To Texas features the same line-up of singer/guitarist Blaine Cartwright, guitarist Ruyter Suys, bassist Karen Cuda and drummer Jeremy Thompson that graced their last effort, 2005's Get Some!. Those who have followed Nashville Pussy throughout their career know the band's burnout rate for bassists. Expect a full-fledged North American tour post-summer.

In the meantime, check out this footage shot at Toronto's Lee's Palace way back in 1998: