Nas & DJ Green Lantern The Nigger Mixtape

Nas & DJ Green Lantern <i>The Nigger Mixtape</i>
Maybe I’m not the best person to comment on the highly criticised, extremely audacious move by Nas, but I applaud him for trying to make a point and nullify such a dirty word. I think the truth of the matter is that it ain’t gonna happen with an MC, let alone one who has a habit of making these gallant statements in his album titles alone (my favourite being Hip Hop is Dead).

While he’s currently set a July 15 release date after a number of delays, the album that Nas was once set to call Nigger, has now been tagged with the empty name of Untitled. Still, Nas has prepped this mixtape, much to little surprise, that allows him to speak his mind and make that big statement.

All the talk of late has been "Black President,” where Mr. Jones remixes Obama’s speech, and throws in an eternal bite from 2Pac. It’s easily the standout, but perhaps more for Nas’s cynicism than his hope, as he drops a hanging question regarding the whole event, asking "When he wins, will he really care still?” Just as significant though is "N.I.G.G.E.R.” where over a grand orchestration, Nasir drills home his point.

As for the rest of mix, DJ Green Lantern and a crew of producers keep things relevant, inserting dialogue samples from Dave Chappelle, Samuel L. Jackson and Richard Pryor, laying down a chilled out jam for the misleadingly poignant "Be A Nigger Too,” and pumping up the adrenaline with a DJ Shadow-sized beat for "Legendary,” the theme to an upcoming doc on Mike Tyson.

"I guess it shows you the power of Wal-Mart and Target,” Green Lantern said about the censorship of Nas’s original plan. But by the time I got to this link to post it below, it already had over 24,000 downloads, which shows people wanna hear Nas’s message. I guess that shows you the power of the net.

Download: Nas & DJ Green Lantern The Nigger Mixtape