Nas Calls Gaddafi "Misunderstood"

Nas Calls Gaddafi "Misunderstood"
The old adage that any publicity is good publicity might not ring true when it comes to defending corrupt dictators, a fact that NYC hip-hop icon Nas may soon learn after expressing sympathy for Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

In a recent interview with M Is for Music, Nas's conversation went to the topic of his charity work in Africa and, eventually, his take on the messy situation in Libya. Here's his entire statement:

I never saw Gaddafi as an enemy, like a deadly enemy that wanted to harm people for no reason. I kind of see him as someone who is misunderstood. I see him as someone whose, I think a revolution in Libya is important and I just hate to see that the people are against him or he has to be against, I hate to see any violence between him and his people, I just don't like that.

Of course, Nas does oppose the unseemly violence in Libya and expresses hope for peace, but any kind of support demonstrated for corrupt dictatorships at the height of civil unrest does not typically make for good PR.

 In the same interview, Nas revealed that his long-awaited Lost Tapes Part Two has been postponed yet again, as he is now at work on a yet-to-be-titled solo album.