Nas "Obey Your Thirst" (Sprite short film)

Nas 'Obey Your Thirst' (Sprite short film)
Sprite recently rebranded themselves as purveyors of not just pop, but also hip-hop documentaries. A new ad campaign sees the Coca-Cola owned soft drink company emblazoning their cans with lyrics from the likes of Drake, Nas and Notorious B.I.G, and in conjunction with the fresh cans, the company have produced a series of short films starring some of the featured rappers.
We already saw Drake's segment, and now the camera flips to Nas for the second instalment. Hear Nas discuss his New York upbringing and childhood artistic ambitions — which only grew once he entered the rap game. He also shares some advice for up-and-comers, encouraging them to "push yourself all the way" and stick to doing what you want to do.
Watch the inspirational clip in the player below, which was produced by Sprite in conjunction with the folks over at The Fader.