Nardwuar Credits the Black Eyed Peas for Inspiring New Andrew W.K. Collab

Nardwuar Credits the Black Eyed Peas for Inspiring New Andrew W.K. Collab
We already learned that Evaporators frontman/gonzo broadcast journalist Nardwuar the Human Serviette had lined up a whole lot of guests for his upcoming, Vancouver-toasting Busy Doing Nothing compilation, Including the Cribs, Kate Nash, Franz Ferdinand and Sage Francis. Interestingly, as the Nard explained to Exclaim!, artists that aren't even on the recording sessions, namely Top 40 pop atrocities the Black Eyed Peas, made a significant impact on the set as well.

Nardwuar claims that leadoff track "I Hate Being Late When I'm Early," an Evaporators banger featuring guest vocals and piano work from party rocker Andrew W.K., took shape shortly after the Peas blew off the opportunity to talk to the eccentric West Coast journo.

"The inspiration for the song, believe it or not, was that I was supposed to interview the Black Eyed Peas and the interview was cancelled... I was depressed," he says. "Is that really sad? That I was depressed?"

"I sent him these little scraps of music I had and we put it together and it turned into the song that the Evaporators recorded in the studio. Props to the Black Eyed Peas for inspiring me," Nardwuar says, adding that he marvelled at how easy it was for W.K. to co-write the tune over a Skype chat. "I never thought anything would happen with it, but Andrew W.K. is so amazing to be able to transpose things [on the piano]. I just played over Skype, and he was all 'Oh, is this how it goes?' He's such a genius with the piano. I couldn't believe it."

As for the song itself, while, Fergie and the other two may have indirectly fuelled its inception, the band don't figure in it lyrically. Instead of focusing on lovely lady lumps or getting retarded, Nardwuar penned words on how he's consistently late for his radio show on Vancouver station CiTR 101.9.

"If you look at the podcasts, you'll see probably every week I'm late," he admits before quoting a tardy-themed couplet. "'10 minutes late, Tyler don't care / Word of the day: ready for air.' Tyler being Tyler Fedchuk from the Radio Zero show on CiTR."

While Mint/Nardwuar Records will release the compilation on March 6, a recently shot promo video for the tune will drop sometime in the new year. Recorded November 26 at CiTR, it features the Evaporators, W.K. and other local notables, including member of Pins//Needles and a handful of DJs, getting wild at a punk pop party in the station's lounge.