Napalm Death Punishment In Capitals

It’s impossible to imagine that grindcore godfathers Napalm Death could possibly be more vitriolic, fast, uncompromising and just plain great than they are on CD. Yet as Punishment In Capitals proves, despite dominating the studio, they’re even more impressive live. When the adrenaline starts flowing and they can feel the heat of the pit in their faces, this band are fucking relentless. Recorded in one night and only one take, the entirety of this 28-track monster confirms their status as the most important band in extreme music. Barely taking breaths between classic tracks such as "Suffer The Children,” "Mass Appeal Madness,” "You Suffer” and their take on the Dead Kennedys’ "Nazi Punks Fuck Off,” singer Mark "Barney” Greenway is jovial and straightforward, introducing numbers or simply cavorting with the crowd. Still, it’s when they bust into their frenetic, over-the-top rages of inhuman speed that they rule the most. Blessed with a note-perfect set featuring better production than most full-lengths, Punishment In Capitals isn’t just a live record, it’s an infectiously energetic greatest hits package. (Eagle Rock)