Napalm Death Order of the Leech

Man, someone must have made Napalm Death listen to a copy of Fear, Emptiness, Despair recently, because they've regained the intensity that they all but lost for most of the ’90s. Order of the Leech is a ravenous and pissed grindcore attack, one that strictly follows the genre guidelines, but hey, these guys helped invent them, so who are we to complain? Vocalist Barney Greenway is in prime form, still possessing that bizarre accent/growl that we've either grown to love or hate, adding in plenty of high decibel screeching to keep things a bit more interesting. The other players just bash on, playing those classic grind/hardcore riffs amidst the blasting drums. The only valid complaint is the bizarre bass drum sound, but death metal fans are used to that. We've heard it before, maybe even better, but still, you know, it's Napalm Death, and they're alive again. Got to love it. (Spitfire)