Napalm Death "How the Years Condemn"

Napalm Death "How the Years Condemn"
While Napalm Death have revealed that their Apex Predator - Easy Meat weighs in on slave labour conditions and various global threats, the album also allows for more introspective moments. New preview "How the Years Condemn," however, is still as vicious as you'd expect.

The track doesn't devastate with a full-on assemblage of wrist-wrecking blast beats, with bassist Shane Embury explaining in a statement that the band wanted to use " lots of different rhythms and nuances in the short space of time which the song occupies." It's plenty successful, with shark's tooth-sharp six-stringing accompanied with a wide array of monstrously hammered beats and Barney Greenway's gravel-gargling assertions that "we're not invincible."

Embury added that the song is a departure from some of the album's more political tracks, with the self-reflective track observing health-related issues that derailed him from both his band and family life.

"A couple of years ago I was hospitalized prior to a very important tour and was forced to miss out on going and had to stay at home," he explained. "More importantly I realized in the time I was in hospital that I really had to make a choice which was either to carry on down the same path of selfish destruction as I had seen some of my friends embark on or stay around for the people I loved and who loved me!"

Apex Predator - Easy Meat arrives January 27 through Century Media, and will be supported on the "Through Space and Grind" tour with Voivod.