Nanook of the North The Täby Tapes

The story goes like this: at a party in Stockholm, two budding music producers heard a boy named Nanook playing songs about his travels from Alaska to Sweden. The two were so impressed that they proceeded to lure the Eskimo into their studio where they created what is known as The Täby Tapes. Nanook of the North has an interesting concept, following this main character on his journey to find "love, peace and solutions to the world’s ills.” While he may have been just strumming a guitar upon his discovery, Nanook has arranged a talented roster of musicians and unique instruments to achieve his vision. Gathering a strong cast of local Swedish singers, his music is faithfully assisted by a chanteuse or two, often serving a supporting role in a duet. Though he uses a number of different instruments (glockenspiel, accordions, banjo, auto-harp) to give life to his stories, the music is primarily electronic, falling somewhere between the laptop pop of Schneider TM and the wintry soundscapes of Múm. The Täby Tapes is a dear little record with an engaging theme and some attractive packaging that fits like a glove. (Hidden Agenda)