Nancy Dutra Time Will Tell

Nancy DutraTime Will Tell
There are records that demand the audience stop and focus, making the act of listening the primary objective. The vast majority of music, however, is purposed to simply reflect or induce a mood. Nancy Dutra's Time Will Tell finds its niche in the gentle, soothing category and is best served playing softly in the background. For her debut, Toronto, ON-based Dutra teams up with Les Cooper (Jill Barber, the Good Lovelies, Madison Violet), who is featured prominently on the album as producer and string arrangement composer. She also collaborated with Ron Sexsmith ("Sweet Tomorrow") and Kevin Welch ("Nowhere Left to Fall"), and enlisted vocal support from Justin Rutledge and Suzie Vinnick. Dutra's coffee house alt-country brims with warmth and old-soul charm. It's easy to see why she's been touted as a female Justin Rutledge; it's a comparison that will work to her advantage amongst his fans. Time Will Tell features bittersweet reflections about life and love, heartfelt vocals — equal parts ache and ease — and lap steel flourishes that adorn strolling melody lines and gently swaying tunes. (Independent)