Nads The True Face of Globalization

The Nads are fucking punk. Or rather, Jason Ramone — the man behind the "Star Guitar”-produced backing tracks and severely demented partially-melodic rants that are delivered over top of them — is fucking punk. Taking the piss out of NAFTA, Fred Phelps, emo, iPods, and a slew of other worthy targets, Ramone also takes time to sarcastically wax poetic on his love of Karla Homolka and conformity. Always interesting and challenging, the Nads’ music is not going to get stuck in your head or on your iPod for very long, but that’s probably not the point. It’s difficult to listen to and it makes you a little uncomfortable, but if the thought of songs about Ronald McDonald’s cum in hamburgers make you giggle a little inside, the Nads are just your kind of band, punk. (Robcore)