Nads Osama Bin Laden For Prez: The Tribute Album (Now It Is 2004)

The toy guitar yin to Wesley Willis’ Casio keyboard yang, the Nads plays lo-fi punk rock in the dirtiest fashion possible. With nothing but "The Star Guitar” as a beat box, Jason Ramone, the sole member of the band, has created one of the strangest, potentially offensive, and arguably most brilliant albums you will here all year. From the opening computerised punk rock beat of "Mall Punks Fuck Off,” to the blatant rip-off "Sk8er Grrl,” Ramone lays waste to all that he finds offensive in the world, including Toronto’s the Hidden Cameras and Fugazi’s Ian MacKaye. On "The Hidden Cameras Gave Toronto SARS,” a very Cameras-esque bell line rings out, while maniacal laughter is heard in the background. The highlight of the album, however, comes in the form of "The Nads Tribute to the Dead Kennedys” — 72 tracks of DK covers, performed with only a generic computer drum beat and a dictation-style female voice. While some may certainly find such songs as "The World Trade Centers Are Falling Down” offensive, there is no doubt that those with an ability to look past some bizarre social commentary will find a hidden genius in the madness which is the Nads. (Independent)