Nadja Truth Becomes Death

Sometimes the tiniest of details highlight the source of inspiration, and for this twosome of Aidan Baker and Leah Buckareff, it can be found in their e-mail address. Indeed, part of their contact info includes the word "doom.” Although it is never advisable to try to wrap music up in one word, doom does a pretty good job here, as all vocals, guitars, etc are blanketed under a complete haze of depressive drone. Throughout the three tracks this drone is ever-present and is remarkable for how much it shapes the instruments that almost sound like they are battling to escape its presence. "Bug/Golem” is the centrepiece of Nadja’s journey and although there is a slightly metal tinge, the sound undulates more according to post-rock sensibilities. For example the drone rises to encompass all, and then it subsides to reveal details, while then swelling again. This is heavy both in sound and tone, thus a somewhat draining journey, but as proven near the end of "Breakpoint,” where the drone is dropped to reveal an echoed voice amidst slight effects, no matter what your outlook there will always be hope. (Alien8)