Nacomi La Sala Rossa, Montreal QC, September 27

Nacomi La Sala Rossa, Montreal QC, September 27
Photo: Steve Louie
Nacomi are three Montrealers fiddling alternately one at a time and all at once on a table full of gear, jumping from all-out drum and bass to clicking, distorted ambiance. Sound like fun? It is.

At random intervals, one or two members at a time would stop to clap along to their frenetic improvisations, inciting the crowd to do the same, while a pink-wigged dancer trembled and shook to the cacophony. A shifting, mildly psychedelic background provided extra visuals, the overall effect being like a jumbled, crackling transmission from a planet whose enthusiasm far exceeds the average human being's.

15 minutes in, the trio dropped a steady bass beat, unexpectedly organizing the musical chaos temporarily, but their heavy techno was quickly dismantled again as they physically and joyously fought — and at one point, entirely shoved — each other for space at the boards. Within minutes, the beat returned to a state of semi-organized chaos, their giddy writhing onstage indicating that Nacomi were back in their comfort zone.

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