Nachtmystium Booted Off Scion/Toyota Rock Fest, Accused of Being Alleged Nazi Sympathizers

Nachtmystium Booted Off Scion/Toyota Rock Fest, Accused of Being Alleged Nazi Sympathizers
This past weekend wasn't so hot for pseudo-black metal outfit Nachtmystium. Once again, the band were falsely accused of being Nazi sympathizers and therefore booted off their February 28 slot at the Scion/Toyota Rock Fest.

Of course, the accusation is largely unfounded, chalked up to misinformation that has been drastically blown out of proportion. The entire "Nazi" connection was initiated some time ago when the band released a demos EP on a NSBM (National Socialist Black Metal) label called Unholy Records. Detractors immediately jumped on Nachtmystium as being a part of the movement and the band have since been unable to shake the ignorant assumption, growing increasingly paranoid and watching every movement carefully. Still, founder Blake Judd was shocked an appalled at being ejected from the festival based on hearsay, releasing a lengthy statement on the subject. To quote:

This news came to us just this past Tuesday and was very disheartening to say the least. A troubling, and unjustly-applied notion that we are, or ever have been, in any way, a 'Nazi' band or a political band on any level, is completely absurd and we are disgusted that there is someone out there who really believes we are of this ilk. It made it as far as the sponsors of this event's desks, and now we are forced to pull out of it after some political threatening on the part of these ridiculously uneducated person/people who have caused this ruckus.

We'd like to make light of at least one aspect of this situation and use the opportunity to once again clear the air - we are, IN NO WAY, a 'Nazi' band. We do NOT support such groups, political beliefs or bands that are affiliated with that world. We have canceled tours in the past and dodged working with bands and people BECAUSE they had these ideologies and we never wanted to be affiliated with it. Yet, here we are, a metal band whose members are more like hippies than your typical leather-clad metal maniacs, and we're being falsely accused of this association once again....let it be known loud and clear for the LAST TIME, we ARE NOT a Nazi band, ARE NOT political, are certainly NOT racists and DO NOT support that world or any band, person or business affiliated with it.

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