MYTHS Announce Debut Album, Line Up North American Dates

MYTHS Announce Debut Album, Line Up North American Dates
For the past couple of years, Vancouver duo MYTHS have been delivering some of the most terrifying synth-noise bangers imaginable. Between thick swells of keyboards, demonic drum programming and the uncomfortable screams of Lief Hall and Quinne Rodgers, the troupe's left-field electro tunes are perfectly suited to score your nightmares, as well as dance-floor shenanigans. While they've already conquered the stage, the group are ready to take over your stereo, as MYTHS have finally announced their debut full-length.

The duo are dropping their self-titled album this summer in conjunction with an upcoming cross-Canada trip. The initial package will be a self-released CD, while a vinyl version may come sometime further down the line. The pair recently delivered the freaky, funhouse-mirror-styled clip for album cut "Prism Portraits," which you can see below.

MYTHS will have the limited-edition CD on their upcoming tour dates and will play a proper album release show August 6 at Vancouver's Gam Gallery. Check out the tracklisting and tour dates below.


1. "The Horizon"
2. "Deadlights"
3. "The Labrynth"
4. "Prism Portraits"
5. "The Crime"
6. "Goldbase"
7. "Esprit De Corps"

Tour dates:

7/9 Ottawa, ON- Cisco Ottawa Blues Festival
7/23 Boston, MA- DIY Festival @ The Problem House
7/27 Montreal, QC - The Torn Curtain
7/30 Meaford, ON - Electric Eclectics Festival
8/6 Vancouver, BC - Gam Gallery