Mystic Chords Of Memory Mystic Chords Of Memory

While Beachwood Sparks are on hiatus, its members are off sowing their wild oats with side projects that are each and every bit as excellent as the next. What began with the Tyde and followed with All Night Radio, now climaxes with the band’s lead singer Chris Gunst and his project with Jen Cohen of the Aislers Set. Mystic Chords Of Memory most resembles the Beachwood Sparks psychedelic twang, yet it stands on its own two feet with an overabundance of melodies that fade in and out of consciousness. An outlet for Gunst’s fascination with musical mind expansion, this self-titled debut places emphasis on colourfully delicate folk that is given some verve with keyboards, samples and effects pedals. The snail-paced placidity, fabricated by sounds of the sea and the harp, makes a good portion of the record feel like an extended lull. This isn’t night time driving music. (Rough Trade)