Mystery Jets Return with Serotonin This Summer

Mystery Jets Return with <i>Serotonin</i> This Summer
Two albums into their career, suburban Londoners Mystery Jets have developed a cult-like following worldwide thanks to their quirky, addictive pop songs. Regardless of their fandom, the British post-punk mainstays have only released one album in North America. That disc was ZooTime, a combination of their debut album Making Dens and some EP tracks, which was released in 2007. That was followed with Twenty One, an Exclaim!-approved affair that also never made it to our continent. In other words, the news that Mystery Jets are returning with their third studio effort is bittersweet, as we're not sure how long we'll have to wait for some sort of proper North American release.

 Nonetheless, the band have completed a new album, which is called Serotonin, and was recorded with legendary British producer Chris Thomas (the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Sex Pistols).

Talking to NME, front-man Henry Harrison described the band's highly involved recording process. "We've got our hands in the mud," he said. "That's what I feel about this album. You take your hands out, and if they're covered in mud, you say, that's all right. That's the kind of feeling we want."

Regardless of when (or if) it comes out in North America, Mystery Jets' Serotonin will be released on July 5 via their new home at Rough Trade. Whistly album track "Flash a Hungry Smile" can be heard on the band's MySpace page.


1. "Alice Springs"

2. "Too Late To Talk"

3. "The Girl Is Gone"

4. "Flash A Hungry Smile"

5. "Serotonin"

6. "Show Me The Light"

7. "Dreaming Of Another World"

8. "Lady Grey"

9. "Waiting On A Miracle"

10. "Melt"

11. "Lorna Doone"