Myspace Officially Relaunches

Myspace Officially Relaunches
Myspace's recent attempts to recapture their past glory don't seem to have been very successful, but the once-pioneering social networking site is once again aiming to stage a comeback by officially launching its new version.

This overhauled version of the site is focused on entertainment and allowing artists to connect with their followers and share music. It includes a My Radio function, which lets users to create mixes and stations for fans and followers to check out. The music database contains 53 million songs in total. There's also an iOS app that includes its own GIF maker.

"Today more than ever," Myspace co-owner Tim Vanderhook told the Associated Press, "there's this need for a creative ecosystem that kind of caters to the creative community and that's both a social network and the streaming services attached... For us when we looked at it, we really talked to a lot of artists and... they all said, 'I use all these various platforms but none of them really do what we need.' What they really needed, they explained to us, was a home." 

The new Myspace had previously been available in its beta version. Now, if you check out some of your favourite artists' Myspace pages — many of which haven't been updated for years — you'll find that they have been redesigned with a graphic-heavy layout and navigation system that utilizes side-scrolling and an embedded music player at the bottom of the page.

Certainly, it all looks better than that awkward popup player that Myspace was previously using for music, but it remains to be seen whether the new launch will attract back many past users. (Show of hands — who still remembers their old username and password?)

The new Myspace is co-owned by Justin Timberlake, who co-purchased it back in 2011.