Mykki Blanco "Kingpinning (Ice Cold)"

Mykki Blanco 'Kingpinning (Ice Cold)'
Mykki Blanco, the conceptual, cross-dressing alter ego of Michael D. Quattlebaum, has some tour dates with Death Grips coming up later this month, and it looks as if the rapper has some fresh material to spit onstage. Taking to Twitter, Blanco noted today that her new tape Cosmic Angel: The Illuminati Prince/ss drops this Friday (November 9), but you can nab new single "Kingpinning (Ice Cold)" now.

Following an especially low-fidelity movie sample ripped from the jankest YouTube stream, a Brenmar-delivered beat brings rapid-fire hi-hat skitters, tabla hits, and a theremin wail as Blanco commands "all you freaks" to party.

You can check it out down below.

The Death Grips/Mykki Blanco tour starts next week and finds the acts tackling Toronto's Wrongbar on November 18. You can see all the dates here.