Myka 9 & Factor Famous Future Time Travel

Myka 9 & FactorFamous Future Time Travel
There aren't many guarantees in life apart from death, taxes and a new record from Myka 9 and Factor every three years. After 2012's Sovereign Soul proved that a sophomore slump was of no concern to the cross-border combo, the L.A. underground legend and Canadian beatsmith are back to complete the trilogy with Famous Future Time Travel.
Sound-wise, their URBNET debut leans particularly close to the left coast sound, with the influence of the West shining through in Factor-produced stomp-clap of "Next Transpo," the lighthearted bounce of "Stand Still" and the slick "Coastal." Making sure to put his own stamp on the project, the versatile nature that the Saskatoon native has long been recognized for arrives in the reggae of "High Post," the spacy intro of "Cityscape" and the sampling of indigenous chanting on "Smoke Dance."
Naturally, Myka 9 is up to the task in each situation with his signature jazzy, lower register delivery. He makes an effortless switch from soulful singing to razor-sharp rhymes on "One Time" and "Skyscraper," while also serving up bars in patois on "High Post." Myka's clever wordplay on subjects ranging from weed raps ("Coastal") to Aboriginal peoples ("Smoke Dance") is a lot to take in without a few repeated plays, but the duo's incredible chemistry alone warrants multiple listens. (Urbnet)