Myka 9 1969

Myka 91969
Factor has been working hard on his journey towards becoming an in-demand producer, building his resume with an ever-expanding roster of underground rap superstars, but it wouldn't be hard to believe that the final destination of this road was always meant to be this collaboration, which is possibly as good a combination as anyone could ask for. Factor's chill, soulful production is a perfect soundtrack for the elastic vocals of Freestyle Fellowship member Myka 9, who was the inspirational blueprint for Bizzy Bone. As one would expect, Myka 9 sings and raps, high-pitched and deep voiced, chopping flows and freaking styles until his voice becomes another part of the music. Myka 9 is impressive throughout, whether it's with a rapid-fire falsetto on "Liberty" or his tight, straight-up raps on "Monte Carlo," only two examples that make his lacklustre delivery on the verses of "Elevated" so much more disappointing. Regardless, Myka 9 is one of the best, most slept on MCs making music today, and 1969 is the best work he's done in a long time. Pick it up. (Side Road/Fake Four)